Friday, November 25, 2011

Cookie dough logs

Who doesn't love cookies fresh from the oven?   Who has time to make them every time you crave them?    The great thing is there is an easy solution to that problem.  Many people will go ahead and mix up the dough, plop them on the pan, and then freeze them.  Then they take the frozen cookie dough balls and put them in plastic bag to save for that cookie craving.  My problem with that technique is that I always forget the cookie dough on the tray freezing in little balls for a couple of days.  I can never remember to put them in the plastic bag.

Because of that, the cookie dough log works the best for me.  It is just as simple as the first method.  You simply make your cookie dough then plop it onto seran wrap and shape it into a long log.

 It is easier to mold into a log if the dough is a little cool.  Wrap up the log, and stick it in the freezer.  When you have your cookie craving, you take out the log, cut off as many cookies as you want, wrap it back up, and stick it back in the freezer.

 Easy peasy!  Fresh cookies at the drop of a hat.

P.s. My favorite secret ingredient for chocolate chip cookies: Mexican vanilla.   It gives them just a tiny different flavor that makes them delicious!

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